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Why do you do ministry the way that you do? How do you evaluate the
effectiveness of your ministry? What are your core values?

FRESH is a philosophy that looks at the entire health of the church as well
as the person. It is a fusion of innovative ingredients with time-honored
disciplines focused on the following Core Values:

building connection between home and the local church



developing authentic bonds through tribes

creating encounters that create a “wow” factor




protecting what God has entrusted in the environments we have

preparing the way for kids, families, and leaders to fall in love with
Jesus and discover the future He has for them

As a philosophy FRESH challenges leaders to Initiate a solid set of core
values based on Biblical principles, seek out Innovative strategies and
Integrate them into current structures. It is a new way of doing church.

Healthy growth happens in churches that implement FRESH.

Pastor Tony And
Heather Kensinger

have been doing ministry together for over 25 years in kids, students, family, marriage and executive leadership.
After pastoring most of their career on the west coast, they have made a permanent home in Findlay, OH. Their three children have joined them as Family remains a priority.

Tony launched FRESH Ministries in 2021. "I asked God to use the gifts, talents and experiences I had been given to make the biggest impact for the kingdom." From that came innovative consulting ideas and the desire to help churches across the country create fresh ministry models.

Aside from the Pastoral roles, he lent his talents to the Southern California AG District as an Area Kids Director overseeing camps and conventions, writing curriculum, and coaching pastors of various sized churches. He is a national speaker, author and consultant.

Tony is an ordained pastor through the Assemblies of God, yet has an approach that works in most churches regardless of affiliation. FRESH doesn’t focus on theology, we work on philosophy and methodology to create a ministry model that actually works.

Everyone needs a coach. Pastor Tony coaches and trains new ministry leaders/staff, associate pastors (kids, students, family/nextgen, executive) and lead pastors to redefine the culture of their church. He also provides consulting on facility design, social media presence, web design and provides on-site ministry assessments.

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